Meetings and events

With spectacular views of the beautiful Lyngen Alps, we offer a completely unique setting for small, exclusive meetings. In addition to a spectacular location and local food and drink, we spice up the meeting with guided tours and tastings at the Worlds northernmost Distillery.

Inspiring view

With a spectacular view of the beautiful Årøya and the “Golden Row of the Lyngen Alps”, we offer a completely unique setting for small, exclusive meetings of up to 10 people.

Guided Whisky Tour

At all meetings we offer a guided tour of the world’s northernmost distillery. On the guided tour you will get an introduction to the history of Alcohol, the technical process at the plant, and be allowed to feel and smell the ingredients used in production before we of course round it all off with a tasting.

Modern meeting rooms

We offer modern meeting rooms with all facilities, to ensure good processes and a successful meeting.

Local food

With the meeting package we offer local produce. We aim at offering as much local food and drinks as possible during your stay.

Private bar

As part of a meeting package it is possible to book exclusive bar in the Bivrost Lounge. 

Heimdall Lounge

We can offer a private lounge for smaller groups up to 8 persons. Perfect for relaxing and socialisation, maybe after dinner or used as a room for group meetings.



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